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Editor’s Choice

  • Becoming a Landlord

    If you have made the step of purchasing a property to rent out to tenants, there are a number of things to consider before you let your property. This article assumes that you have arranged a buy-to-let mortgage (if necessary), exchanged contracts and paid all relevant fees, as well as any stamp duty. Once all of these things are completed, you are ready to think about renting your property.


  • Buying to Let

    Buying a property in order to let it out to tenants can be a big step for new landlords. There are many different things to consider, but the recent recovery of the UK housing market, especially in London, may mean that buying to let could be a great investment. According to Property Data Company IPD, over the last decade to the end of 2012 property has provided landlords with an annualised return of 11.2% compared to 5.1% from equities and 7.6% for bonds.


  • The Help to Buy Scheme

    The UK Government’s Help to Buy Scheme is a series of initiatives to enable UK citizens to be able to purchase their own home. There are four different initiatives, each one aimed at overcoming one of the barriers that prevent people from buying a house or flat. The four different Help to Buy schemes are:


  • Property as a Pension

    Today an increasing number of people planning for retirement are considering investing in property. This is a result of lower than ever pension annuity rates and a volatile stock market that threatens to leave pensioners with difficulties maintaining their standard of living during retirement. To bridge the funding gap, investors are increasingly looking to property to fund them through their old age.

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  • Building a Property Portfolio

    Building a property portfolio can be an ideal way for those with cash to invest to create a long-term source of wealth for them and their families. Property investment has the advantage of long-term gains despite short-term dips in the market, as can be seen after the crash of 2008. Despite a sluggish residential property market over the last few years, 2013 saw a 7.5% rise in UK property prices and a surge in demand for rental properties, partly as a result of high levels of foreign investment in the London property market and partly because of UK Government initiatives such as ‘Help to Buy’. The future looks positive for property investment, with house price growth projected to average 2% a year in real terms between 2014 and 2025 and significant annual rent increases because of a chronic housing shortage across much of the UK.

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