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bidogo property auctionsBidogo are a London-based international auctioneer specialised on residential and commercial property in the UK and international locations. We are members of the UK Property Ombudsman which is the body that sets the Code of Practice for property sales in terms of fair dealing and professional conduct.
We source properties using our broad network of real estate agents, banks, insolvency professionals, developers and private owners with the objective to create a fair and transparent marketplace and faciliate transactions at clean price.
Selling a property via online auction is a very efficient and competitive way of selling an expensive item like a residential or commercial property:  

-You are in full control of price, since you set your reserve price below which there is no sale.
-You create competition and time pressure, which are likely to increase the sales proceeds.
-Using our online auction you make your property available to buy to a broad range of national and international buyers.
-We provide reports with full transparency of people who have viewed each property, bids received and winners. This is why online auctions are a favourite selling strategy for public institutions, charities, banks and other regulated owners

Buying a property though our online auctions is now possible for a wide range of buyers, without intermediation and travel to specific locations, at the convenience of a click from their computer or mobile devices. We assist our buyers who are not familiar with the process of purchasing a property with support and asssistance that allow them to participate in our bids.

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