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7 Stevenstone Road


Tel: 01395 223336

Web: www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk

Region: South West

bradleys auctionsWhat do Bradleys Auction services have to offer? First and foremost we are one of a few estate agencies within the South West who can offer auction as a solution to vendors.
As a company we offer a choice of auctions, being the public auction offering a wide variety of different assets under one roof at a given time within the year or our now established Online Auction service.
Our Online Auctions are played out on an ‘Ebay’ based platform located within Bradleys own website and is keenly sought by those vendors who do not want to wait for one of our larger auction events, as it has an immediacy whereby one can control the length and time leading up to the auction and can be held within days of being instructed. This has the added benefit that there is no selling fee to the vendor, just an up-front cost of £495 plus VAT which includes the legal pack being produced.
The subtle difference is that the winning bidder at the deadline pays for the right to purchase that property for a 28-day period at the price agreed at the time. This opens up this method of auction to buyers who require mortgages as well as those who are cash buyers. This has proved extremely popular and the average price above the initial guide price achieved has been in excess of 20%. It is a great visual method for selling a home and the vendor can see the bidding and the excitement of exceeding the guide price from their armchair. In one instance a vendor was on holiday in Australia but able to view the sale of her home courtesy of the Internet!
The more traditional Public Auction also has its benefits bringing a conclusion to a sale under one roof at one given time, and with the correct marketing and advertising Bradleys reach buyers covering the whole of the South West region and through Move With Us, our partners, the whole of the UK, giving the greatest coverage of your property to buyers in the market place at that time.

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