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Woods Auctions

6 Queen Street
Newton Abbot
TQ12 2EF

Tel: 01626 336 633


Web: http://woodshomes.co.uk/auctions-at-woods-homes/#auctions


Region: South West


woods auctionsAuctions are a tried and tested way of buying and selling property and we are one of the leading Property Auctioneering firms in South Devon. In order to appeal to as wide a market as possible, we are offering two different types of auction.  Traditional auction.    On the fall of the gavel, the successful bidder pays a 10% deposit and is legally bound to buy the property. Completion is within 28 days. The seller is also legally bound to sell. This type of auction favours cash buyers and investors. We have regular  multi-lot auctions throughout the year in addition to regular bespoke single lot auctions.
Conditional Auction. The successful bidder pays a non-refundable deposit of £3,500 on the fall of the gavel and agrees to complete within a maximum 42 days. Under this scheme, the buyer has the option within 28 days to withdraw. If you are looking to buy and your home is under offer with exchange of contracts imminently anticipated, this auction is ideal for you as it enables you to bid against cash buyers. For sellers, it opens up the auction to a wider audience and creates a livelier bidding environment.
Woods Bryce Baker will help you determine which type of auction contract is best for you and whether Auction is the best method of sale for your property.    If you are considering selling at auction or would like to know more about this effective method of sale, please contact your nearest office and one of our team of three experienced auctioneers who will be pleased to answer all your queries.        SELL YOUR PROPERTY AT AUCTION FOR A FAST AND CERTAIN SALE   If you need to sell your property with absolute certainty for whatever reason, then auctions are a proven option.

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